Thank you for taking the time to visit the La Porte Greenways Master Plan project page.  By clicking the links above you will be able to find out information about the different aspects of the project as well as provide input.  Please be sure to click the “Public Survey” link above and let us know more about how we can provide a better bicycle and pedestrian network for the citizens of La Porte.

Background and Need for the Plan
In the United States of America 30% of the population currently does not drive a motor vehicle. This includes children, the elderly, those people that are physically unable to drive, those that are financially unable to afford the cost and maintenance of a vehicle, and an increasing population of those who chose to use alternative transportation for its economic, environmental, and health benefits.

Currently it is recommended that adults participate in moderate activity for 150 minutes a week. This translates to 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. In the state of Indiana, 30% of adults fall into the obese category and 16% of teenagers are obese. This alarming fact is partly attributed to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. In 1969 the percentage of school children walking to school was 48% and today that number is down to 13%. Getting more kids to walk or bike to school could help lower this percentage and an added benefit is that kids who walk or ride arrive ready to learn and more focused. This is also true of workers who use alternative modes of transportation.

In April of 2013 the City of La Porte completed a 5 Year Park and Recreation Master Plan. This document was done to guide park and recreation development within the community for the next 5 years. In conjunction with the 5-Year Plan a public survey was done to gage the needs and wants of the community. The number one facility type that the public responded that they wanted to see improved in the La Porte City Park System was bike trails with 83.3% of respondents indicating they wanted to see improvement in this area.
Following up on the needs that were expressed by the public, the Park and Recreation Department received a grant from the La Porte Urban Enterprise Zone to undertake a Greenway and Bicycle Facility Master Plan that will help identify alternative transportation routes to connect community destination spots (parks, lakes, schools, businesses, etc.) throughout the greater La Porte Area. The master plan must be completed by the end of December 2013 to fulfill the stipulations of the grant.

Scope of the Plan
The plan will concentrate on 3 main corridors within the community for improvement. These corridors will serve as the backbone of the greenways and bicycle facility plan. Detailed cost estimates and phasing will be provided for each route. Additional connector routes will be identified through the master plan process. Development Standards and possible funding opportunities will be included for all routes. Public input will be sought throughout the master plan.
Bicycle and Walking programs will be developed for the entire community.