Target Users
This plan is intended for pedestrians and bicyclists who either wish to or need to make daily trips for goods and services within their community and recreational users looking to maintain or improve their health. Users that fall into the category of needing to make trips by foot are the elderly who can no longer drive, schoolchildren, those people that are unable to afford or maintain a car and therefore need to find alternative means to make connections.

This plan is also for casual bike riders that may not be comfortable riding among automobile or truck traffic. These types of riders account for 60% of the bicycling population, and require improved infrastructure or residential streets with low traffic and speed limits to make connections within the community.

Goals and Objectives
1. Increase the number of people walking and bicycling for everyday transportation purposes such as commuting to work, to school and running errands.
2. Enhance community connections to neighborhoods, parks, schools, businesses within the urban enterprise zone, retail and dining, and government facilities.
3. Increase the number of people that exercise daily by providing safe walking and biking experiences for citizens of all ages and levels of ability.
4. Provide guidance and priorities for implementing programs and infrastructure to support walking and bicycling with a broad range of funding and support.
5. Increase eco-tourism in the City of La Porte by attracting people that want to vacation in the area and people who are looking for recreational activities in the region.
6. Increase the quality of life in the City of La Porte in an effort to retain current citizens and attract new citizens.
7. Identify a priority route for development with available CMAQ funds and to be ready for future funding opportunities when they present themselves.
8. Create regional connections to county facilities and surrounding communities
9. Provide community awareness of motorists sharing the road with cyclists.